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HBOT America has plenty of different sized chambers for all your needs. The only difference in our chambers is the size or space you have in each one. The mild HBOT Chamber can range from a one person chamber that is 26 inches in diameter to one that is 40 inches in diameter that is vertical to sit down in (picture on the left). Many people enjoy the versatility to be able to pick and choose which they are most comfortable in.

The Shallow Dive chamber which is our smallest chamber allows for mobile use and gives you the ability to get in and out of with ease. The Shallow Dive chamber is 26 inches in Diameter and 92 inches long with a viewing window with plenty of head and leg room. Most people dealing with claustrophobia do not have much trouble getting in or out of the Dive chamber but we do offer another size capable to deal with small space concerns.

The Dive Chamber is the next size up from the shallow dive which provides more room and two viewing windows. The Dive is 33 inches in Diameter that is big enough for even two adults. Most families who use mHBOT for their children will accompany them inside during their session. The Dive gives a much more comfortable feel and is elevated on our chamber bed so you do not have to go the the ground to get in. You will be able to use our staircase or sit and roll inside, very easy!!

The Dive Vertical is the first portable vertical chambers on the market. The chamber enables a chair to be placed inside to sit down with ease and enjoy mHBOT. It averages a full 40 inches in diameter for a roomy hyperbaric experience. Most those who use the vertical chamber are elder folks, those dealing with a disability, or in a wheelchair.

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