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footballWe know that many professional athletic associations and their athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of their recovery regime. We’ve read about the remarkable work that Joe Namath is doing with the Joe Namath Neurological Center of the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida, and that athletes like Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Evander Holyfield are such fans that they own their own machines. But pro-athletes aren’t the only ones who push themselves to the limits.

Weekend marathon runners, local ball players, Crossfitters, amateur boxers, wrestlers, gymnasts and weightlifters, all work hard to become the best they can be. Part of being the best is knowing how to recover from the inevitable pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and damaged tendons.

HBOT is an affordable therapy that has been proven to accelerate healing, resulting in a shorter recovery time so you can get back to doing what you love to do sooner.

HBOT America supports athletes from every walk of life. We’d love to show you our facility and talk to you about our special package rates. You can use the button below to book a free consultation or to make an appointment if you’d like to have a session.

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