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A New Non-Drug Method For Building Bone Density  

What is The BioDensity™ Machine?

BioDensity™ is an advanced technology that uses Four isometric exercises which safely helps increase bone density by stimulating the body’s natural bone generation process. The BioDensity™ Machine does this by using self-imposed Osteogenic Loading or loading multiples of body weight by compressing the bones axially where bone density adaptation is being stimulated. Loading multiples of weight by BioDensity™ distorts shape of bone triggering the cells inside the bone to pull in minerals and start to build a more complex architecture of the bone.

Couldn’t I just do this at the gym?

A person would have to lift anywhere up to 10 times their body weight for extended lengths of time, in perfect position, to come close to what the benefits of the BioDensity™ sessions can do. It is four Isometric exercises (Chest press, Leg press, Core Pull, and Vertical lift – as shown in video below) that you are holding anywhere from 5 -10 seconds with your own internal force on the machine. The Best thing is that it only takes 10-15 minutes once a week and you are put in the exact same positioning each session keeping it controlled so you can increase your force production.

What are the Benefits?

As we age our bones and muscles will build and break down constantly. Overtime we start to lose bone density and strength and if we’re in a consistent state of deconditioning then they can be lost dramatically. The decrease of bone loss or decondition of bone mass eventually can lead to Osteopenia (precursor to Osteoporosis). Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease” because it has little symptoms and leaves your bones weak, brittle, and fragile. BioDensity™ can increase your bone mineral density and improve your functional strength such as: sitting or standing up, walking up the stairs, carrying your groceries, or even catching yourself from a fall. By starting our 12 week program you will be on your way to increasing your Bone Density, strength, balance, and your quality of life.


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