Joe Namath is a Fan

Joe Namath has been in the news, talking about the benefits he received from HBOT, and how it led him to found the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center at the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida. 

Namath did a series of 120 “dives” in nine months and the results astounded him.

To be able to see, to literally be able to see, with the nuclear scan the cells that had stopped working to start working, to get blood flow. To be restored, renewed and start looking like the rest of my brain. The FDA approved this study and they want another study, this one on 100 people,” Namath told Yahoo Sports.

I know I’ve had a change in my being, my physiology. It’s quite a relief to see those pictures and take those tests and take it again and again and see improvement each time. I know it’s worked for me. I’m thankful.”

His memory has improved as has his retention. There is hope that these treatments can and will aid other former NFL players who have suffered such conditions. 

The full article on Yahoo! Sports can be read HERE.